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Rapunzel's hiiret


Rapunzel's mousery is a registered breeder of fancy mice in Finland since 2000. The prefix has been approved by the Finnish Mouse Club and the Finnish Rabbit & Rodent Society. My breeding varieties include:

  • lk & lks (sh & shs) champagne tan, dove tan, silver tan
  • Iks (shs) fawn & red
  • lk (sh) chinchilla, argente creme
  • lk (sh) blue burmese
  • lk (sh) pink eyed white
  • lk (sh) brindle
  • ab (rosetted) pink eyed white, black eyed bone, himalayan, siamese seal point, colorpoint beige


In addition to these, I breed several "project" varieties, some of which are non-standard. These include e.g. sh cream, sh pearl, apricot and fuzzy. I also work in order to find out the genetic makeup and/or to stabilise new or rare varieties whenever necessary.


Rapunzel's mousery has been nominated Breeder of the Year in 2001-2006 & 2008-2009.


I'm a qualified standard class judge for mice since 2004. I've been trained by the Finnish Mouse Club and accepted as a judge by that club and the Finnish Rabbit & Rodent Society. In addition to Finland, I've judged standard class mice in Sweden, Germany, Holland and Poland. (I have no judging rights for other species of rodents.)


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DRAGIBUZ by Lorène Barioz

Être propriétaire d'animaux, c'est aussi parfois se faire plaisir en s'offrant - ou même en offrant à d'autres propriétaires - un adorable portrait de leurs bêtes à poils, à plumes ou à écailles.

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Suite aux encouragements de nombreux amis et proches, j'ai enfin pris l'initiative de me lancer dans la grande aventure de la photographie animalière...

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