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Degu was created by a team of Degu lovers who wanted other pet enthusiasts to treat their animals with the care, attention and knowledge they deserve.


Having bought up a range of species of animals both small and large, I found Degus to be one of the most intelligent, inquisitive species I have come across. With the lack of a comprehensive, professional site about Degu care, and all other websites being made as hobby websites lacking the correct information and inconsistent statements, pretending to be vets or researchers when upon asking they are actually 16 year olds using some free web space with no real knowledge of the species, Degu was born to provide information, knowledge, and a community for Degu lovers around the world.


With constantly updated information as when it is made available, Degu World hopes to be a key resource for owners of these brilliant pets. I hope you enjoy this site as much as we have enjoyed making it.

If you would like to contribute to the website please send us an e-mail with suggestions.


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DRAGIBUZ by Lorène Barioz

Être propriétaire d'animaux, c'est aussi parfois se faire plaisir en s'offrant - ou même en offrant à d'autres propriétaires - un adorable portrait de leurs bêtes à poils, à plumes ou à écailles.

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Suite aux encouragements de nombreux amis et proches, j'ai enfin pris l'initiative de me lancer dans la grande aventure de la photographie animalière...

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16 Janv. 2017

Mise en ligne : Expositions 2017

15 Oct. 2016

Mise à jour : Expositions 2016 !


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